Joe Flacco throws a pass and connects with Jacoby Jones for a 66 yard touchdown. Ed Reed was on his butt but could not prevent this touchdown. Yeah!!!!

Ravens lead 19-3


Ravens vs. Chicago – Week 11

Ravens vs. bears on field

The Ravens are playing Chicago Bears at Soldier field with a threat of bad weather. According to, there’s an 80 percent chance of rain, lightening and 28-mile-per-hour winds. With the poor running game, wet balls will not be a good thing. Offensive Coordinator Jim Caldwell said that weather can determine what direction you’re throwing the ball and the kinds of throws you make. The Ravens do practice using wet balls. During their practice, the equipment staff will dunk balls in buckets of water before giving them to center, Gino Gradkowski to throw to Flacco. The receivers practice catching wet balls as well.

Chicago has been hit by the injuries, which has slowed down their progress. They won their first three games of the season. The Bears lost both games to the division rival Detroit Lions and to the Washington Redskins. Quarterback Jay Cutler is out with an injured left ankle, meaning Josh McCown will once again take the lead on the Bears No. 8-ranked passing attack. Baltimore’s pass defense is No. 18 in the league, so there’s definitely something that can be exploited there.

Offense talk

Offensive Talk

The Ravens

Even with a struggling offense-low running game and a weak offensive line, the Ravens are tied for 2nd place with the Cleveland Browns with a 4-5 record in the AFC North division. There has been talk about whether Ray Rice needs to be replaced with Bernard Pierce.  According to Coach Harbaugh, both players are needed. During last Monday’s new conference, Harbaugh said ” We think we have two very good backs but I don’t think [replacing Rice as the starter] would be the solution.” Heading to Chicago to play the Bears, the Ravens really need to work on their running game, plain and simple. During the game with the Cincinnati Bengals, the Ravens had 3 turn overs and gained a season low of 189 yards. this makes the 3rd straight game that the Ravens have gained less than 300 yards. Only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Jacksonville Jaguars have averaged fewer yards per game.

Ravens vs. Chicago

Baltimore Ravens vs. Chicago Bears – 11/17/13 at Chicago.

Does there need to be a change in the Offense Coordinator? There was a change last year from Cam Cameron to Jim Caldwell with a record of 9-4. McCall helped the team increase their average yardage by at least 60 yards in the regular season and by more than 80 yards in the play-off season. This lead to the Ravens winning Superbowl XLVII.

Ravens Offensive Coordinator

Ravens Offensive Coordinator, Jim Caldwell