Teryl Austin To Join Jim Caldwell


The Ravens have lost another coach. Now, the Ravens organization has two coaching positions to fill.

Secondary Coach Teryl Austin has agreed to join Jim Caldwell in Detroit and be his defensive coordinator. On Tuesday, Jim Caldwell was named the Detroit Lions head coach. Will there be another one to follow Caldwell? Only time will tell.

Caldwell and Austin worked together in Baltimore for two years and previously at Wake Forest for three years from 1993 to 1995.

Teryl Austin, a former University of Florida defensive coordinator was in charge of the Ravens secondary which ranked 12th in the NFL in average passing yards allowed per game in 2013, which was 230.

He was well liked by the players.

Good luck to you Mr. Austin!


The Ravens have been eliminated in a tough loss.

ravens bengals3


Running back Ray Rice has not seen a lot of action early in the game. Rice came into the game for the first time late in the second quarter.

Flacco was sacked on 3rd down. This makes his second sack today.

At 3rd and 7, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton threw a pass that was intercepted by Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb and he ran it. This makes three interceptions for Bengals quarterback Dalton. This is the first time this quarterback has had three interceptions in one home game.

Tucker made a 34 yard field goal attempt. He holds the franchise record for points scored in a season.

Three interceptions today by the Ravens and all three times the results were a field goal.


During a punt return by the Bengals, the ball went into the stands traveling only 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. It landed at the 40 yard line in Bengals territory.

Ravens wide receiver Marlon Brown picked up 1st down. He did a flip over a Bengals player and landed on the ground, knocking the ball loose. It was ruled down but the Bengals challenged it. The ruling on the field stands.

Marlon Brown makes a touchdown. This is his 7th touchdown of the year. Not bad for a rookie. Way to go!!

The Ravens attempted a 2-point conversion but missed. Due to a penalty against the Bengals, the ball was placed at the one yard line and another conversion was attempted.

Ravens running back Ray Rice makes the two-point conversion.

17-17 TIE


Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton made a touchdown.


Flacco threw pass that was intercepted by Bengals defensive end Michael Johnson. This makes 20 interceptions for Flacco this season.

Bengals kicker Nugent made his 38 yard field goal attempt.


Ravens Jimmy Smith made an interception at 1st and goal. This makes four interceptions by the Ravens today.

Flacco threw his third pass interception to Bengals cornerback Kirkpatrick for a touchdown.


It was a tough season for the Ravens. What a disappointing loss but they fought a good fight. This will be the first time in six years that the Ravens will not go into the playoffs. This team played through a lot of injuries from top players and a new team that did not seem to mesh well. Practice and time will make them the best again.

ravens bengals3

Ravens lost in a big way

ravens patriots

The Ravens (8-6) suffered a loss at the hands of the New England Patriots (10-4) with a score of 41-7, destroying the teams winning streak.

This was a terrible, sloppy game. Tucker missed his 37 yard field goal. New England’s offense walked, or shall I say ran, all over the Ravens. Ravens made only one touchdown. The offensive line was not covering Flacco well. Flacco overthrew a lot of deep passes. Penalty after penalty after penalty was called by the officials.

Flacco was visibly moved; he pulled his hair and slammed his fist into his leg while on the sideline.

New England took a lead of 17-0 early in the 1st quarter and never looked back. They forced four turnovers and had four sacks.

Late in the fourth quarter, Flacco was replaced by second string quarterback Troy Smith. He ran a few of his plays. I think he should have been brought in sooner. Flacco’s injury could have been the reason why his passes were not accurate.

This loss diminishes their postseason hopes and now the Ravens are tied with Miami and San Diego for the last AFC wild card slot. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on this one.

This was a very tough loss. The team lost its edge. I have never witnessed such a lopsided loss. They were playing like rookies.

Yeah! Another win!

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions
Another win for the Ravens, putting them that much closer to the play-offs! Justin Tucker kicked a total of six field goals, including a 61 yard field goal that helped the Ravens to win 18-16! This was the longest field goal in a dome.

“I definitely felt like I got a lot of leg into it, but it jumped up so high I thought I might have gotten under it,” said Tucker.


Now Baltimore is locked in the second wild-card spot in the AFC as the team is tied with Miami, but the Ravens hold the tiebreaker after beating the Dolphins in Week 5.

This team plays very well under pressure. The offense still needs a little work. All of our points were from their kicker, nonetheless, points were put up on the board and we won!! Yeah!!


So exciting!! I love watching the Ravens play. That team knows how to bring the pain!

The first turnover of the game was by Ravens defensive tackle DeAngelo Tyson at the 27 yard line. This put the ball in line for Justin Tucker and he completed a 49 yard field goal attempt.

12-7 – Ravens

Detroit Lions completed a 40 yard field goal attempt.

12-10 – Ravens


Hgata blocked a pass from quarterback Stanford.

DeAngelo Tyson made his second interception.

Justin Tucker made another field goal. This time, 53 yards!!

On a 2nd and 10, Flacco gets hit hard in the left knee by linebacker DeAndre Levy. Although, he was led off the field and had his knee wrapped, he never missed a play.

Harbaugh challenged a pass to Detroit Pettigrew and was declined. This caused the Ravens a loss of a time-out.

Dauria makes a touch down. Detroit attempts and fails at a two-point conversation. Megatron caught pass out-of-bounds. No good!!

15-16 Detroit

Justin Tucker kicked a 61 yard field goal.

Ravens had its 3rd interception by Elam. He was quoted as calling Detroit Lions Calvin (Megatron) Johnson an “old man.”

18-16 RAVENS

Ravens vs. Lions

ravens vs. lions2

The Baltimore Ravens play head to the motor city, Detroit to play the Lions.

Offense needs to pump it up.

Baltimore (7-6) has won a season-high three straight at home, but has to figure out a way to win on the road. The Ravens record on the road is 1-5.

“It’s going to be critical, we’ve got two of the next three on the road,” coach John Harbaugh said. “These games are going to count for really making the difference.”

The slumping Detroit Lions, meanwhile, are trying to avoid a late-season collapse that would keep them out of the playoffs for the 13th time in 14 years.

Get ready for a classic strength vs. strength matchup here on Dec. 16 under the national spotlight.

Ravens won!!

ravens win3

This was a very exciting game. What a finish!! Both teams scored the most in the fourth quarter than in any other quarter. The Vikings and Ravens had touchdowns one right after the other!

Adrian Peterson left M&T Bank Stadium and was sent to an MRI facility for more tests on his injury.

The Vikings got a touchdown 25 seconds in the 4th quarter by Jerome Simpson. They tried for a two-point conversion but failed which made the score 12-7 Vikings.

Then with 2.05 minutes in the 4th quarter, Flacco throws a pass to Pitta in the end zone for the touchdown, which makes the score 12-13 Ravens. They scored on their two-point conversion with a pass to Torrey Smith. This widens the Ravens lead to 12-15.

Flacco in the snow

Vikings scored a touchdown with 1:34 minutes to play at 1st and 10 in the fourth quarter with Toby Garhart. Now the score is 19-15 Vikings, with the extra point.

With 1:27 seconds in the fourth, Ravens scored a touchdown with Jacoby Jones. He made his 4th career 79 yard kick off return. It is good that Mike Tomlin was not there LOL. No two-point conversion this time. The extra point makes the score is 19-22 Ravens.

Jacoby jones

The Vikings scored a 79 yard touchdown with rookie Darrell Patterson with 45 seconds remaining and that makes the score 26-22 Vikings.

With 8 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, Quarterback Joe Flacco hit rookie receiver Marlon Brown caught a pass in the end zone for a for a 9-yard touchdown! Mere seconds!

This victory that saves their season and keeps them in control of the sixth and final playoff spot.

Sam Koch

This was the most exciting game of the season. Both teams played like they were in the Superbowl. The Vikings played a lot better than their record shows. The Ravens had to put on their A-game to keep up.
Good game men! You made momma proud!!!


Week 14 – Ravens vs. Vikings

ravens vs. vikingslogo

Going into week 14, the Ravens play the Minnesota Vikings at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday. They will be playing the last of three straight at home games. Although the Vikings are not contenders, they are a force to be reckoned with. Think of it as the meeting of opposites. The Vikings have the six best running game and the Ravens have the six best running defense in the league.

All the talk has been about the Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. He must be stopped. This All-pro running back has over 1,200 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns this season! He must be stopped!

ravens vs. vikings4

The Vikings will probably try to take control of the running game early to give Peterson the advantage. Hopefully, the Ravens defense can put a stop to that. Their defense ranks last in the NFL with 30.5. Although our offense has greatly improved with the last two home games, our offensive line needs a little work. Let’s hope this offense comes prepared.

Harbaugh said Peterson is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. Suggs said the Ravens are looking forward to the challenge of going up against the NFL’s best back.

“What’s his nickname? ‘All Day?’” Suggs said. “The man runs hard all day. It’s going to be interesting. It’s definitely a challenge for us.”

ravens vs. vikings5