Ravens still dealing with a disappointing loss

Ravens Harbaugh

Many fans and players are still talking about the loss to the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday and the elimination from the postseason. Since Head Coach John Harbaugh and quarterback Joe Flacco came to Baltimore, the Ravens knew nothing but the playoffs. This is foreign territory for them.

The Ravens went to the postseason for five straight years. It was the longest streak in the NFL. They have made the play-offs every year since 2008 and have won at least one game in the postseason. The Ravens also went to three AFC championship games and took home the Lombardi trophy last season. Awesome!

Harbaugh was asked whether the end of postseason streak makes him appreciate more what the Ravens were able to do over the previous years.

“We’re not ever going to be content with not making the playoffs,” he said. “That’s just not something that’s going to be OK with me personally or Ozzie or any of us, or any player here. That’s what makes it tough and disappointing. We expect to do that. We will fight like crazy to do that every single year.”

John Harbaugh stated in a news conference, “We understand that we did not get the job done and we understand that we gotta go to work to improve in every single way we possibly can.” He continued to say, “We will approach it with enthusiasm unknown to mankind. We will work like crazy to improve and become better, but it’s gonna be sticking our craw for quite a long time I can tell you that.”

Spoken like a true gentleman. Honest, no excuses and ready to work on self-improvement. I am not surprised that he missed Black Monday.

Ravens Harbaugh2


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