The Ravens have been eliminated in a tough loss.

ravens bengals3


Running back Ray Rice has not seen a lot of action early in the game. Rice came into the game for the first time late in the second quarter.

Flacco was sacked on 3rd down. This makes his second sack today.

At 3rd and 7, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton threw a pass that was intercepted by Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb and he ran it. This makes three interceptions for Bengals quarterback Dalton. This is the first time this quarterback has had three interceptions in one home game.

Tucker made a 34 yard field goal attempt. He holds the franchise record for points scored in a season.

Three interceptions today by the Ravens and all three times the results were a field goal.


During a punt return by the Bengals, the ball went into the stands traveling only 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. It landed at the 40 yard line in Bengals territory.

Ravens wide receiver Marlon Brown picked up 1st down. He did a flip over a Bengals player and landed on the ground, knocking the ball loose. It was ruled down but the Bengals challenged it. The ruling on the field stands.

Marlon Brown makes a touchdown. This is his 7th touchdown of the year. Not bad for a rookie. Way to go!!

The Ravens attempted a 2-point conversion but missed. Due to a penalty against the Bengals, the ball was placed at the one yard line and another conversion was attempted.

Ravens running back Ray Rice makes the two-point conversion.

17-17 TIE


Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton made a touchdown.


Flacco threw pass that was intercepted by Bengals defensive end Michael Johnson. This makes 20 interceptions for Flacco this season.

Bengals kicker Nugent made his 38 yard field goal attempt.


Ravens Jimmy Smith made an interception at 1st and goal. This makes four interceptions by the Ravens today.

Flacco threw his third pass interception to Bengals cornerback Kirkpatrick for a touchdown.


It was a tough season for the Ravens. What a disappointing loss but they fought a good fight. This will be the first time in six years that the Ravens will not go into the playoffs. This team played through a lot of injuries from top players and a new team that did not seem to mesh well. Practice and time will make them the best again.

ravens bengals3


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