Ray Rice-Does he still have it?

Ray Rice3

Pro bowl running back Ray Rice has been suffering through two injuries this season, making this a very disappointing season of his career.

He had a hip injury that slowed him down for the first half of the season. He received this injury in Week 2 against the Cleveland Browns. During the fourth quarter, Rice fell to the ground without being tackled. He left the game and could not return, suffering a hip flexor strain.

Rice finished with 36 yards on 13 carries.

He also has a thigh injury that he received late season, that he says is not related to the hip injury.

“For some of the people who say, ‘ You lost a step’ it’s different when you have an injury that controls things that you’re normally good at doing. So I had to battle that this year,” said Rice.

Before this season, Rice has never dealt with any significant or lingering muscular injuries and has played in every game. He told reporters that he will re-examine his off-season training to try to avoid more muscular issues. At 5’8″, 212 pounds, he also mentioned losing weight to add more speed.

This 26-year-old stresses that he still has plenty of power left and he expects to return to the being the eruptive player who has mainly carried the Ravens offense and whose fans have come to love and respect as a powerful force to be reckoned with.

I think he still has the juice. Football players suffer through injuries, that is part of the game. Some can play through their injuries, some can’t. I think he should have sat out a few games when he first injured his hip. He should have given his body time to heal. Regardless of the training and salary of these players, these men are only human. All injuries, regardless of how minor, need time to heal, especially when your position requires you to be able to handle getting pummeled by 250 pound line backers.

ray rice5


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