Ravens vs. Bengals – DO OR DIE – WEEK 17

bengals ravens helmet

The Baltimore Ravens play the Cincinnati Bengals today at 1pm at M&T Bank Stadium. This could possibly be the biggest regular-season game of Ravens history. Cincinnati is playing for the AFC’s No. 2 seed and Baltimore is still trying to get to the play-offs.

The Ravens have had their ups and downs all season. With a 8-7 record, they have fought like madmen to get into the play-offs and they are still fighting. Warriors to the end.

During the Bengals last three home games, they have scored 40 points or more with help from defensive touchdowns. The Ravens must stop this, no ifs, ands or buts.

This is what they must do to win:

-Get to the quarterback. No quarterback can play well when pressured. Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton was sacked five times in Week 10.
-Put pressure on the receivers. Don’t leave none open for passes.
-Kill in the end zone. This is where the main problems are with the Ravens. We can get there but not make a touchdown.
-Flacco needs better protection. The offensive line needs to put more muscle in protecting their leader. Sacks are for the other guys! Freight train that defense!
-The Ravens must get their passing game together. Deep ball Flacco must connect with his receivers directly. Aim for the number! No over or under throwing. Receivers need to make all catches; no dropping the pigskin. Hold on like it’s your lifeline!

GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!

ravens bengals3


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