Ravens lost in a big way

ravens patriots

The Ravens (8-6) suffered a loss at the hands of the New England Patriots (10-4) with a score of 41-7, destroying the teams winning streak.

This was a terrible, sloppy game. Tucker missed his 37 yard field goal. New England’s offense walked, or shall I say ran, all over the Ravens. Ravens made only one touchdown. The offensive line was not covering Flacco well. Flacco overthrew a lot of deep passes. Penalty after penalty after penalty was called by the officials.

Flacco was visibly moved; he pulled his hair and slammed his fist into his leg while on the sideline.

New England took a lead of 17-0 early in the 1st quarter and never looked back. They forced four turnovers and had four sacks.

Late in the fourth quarter, Flacco was replaced by second string quarterback Troy Smith. He ran a few of his plays. I think he should have been brought in sooner. Flacco’s injury could have been the reason why his passes were not accurate.

This loss diminishes their postseason hopes and now the Ravens are tied with Miami and San Diego for the last AFC wild card slot. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on this one.

This was a very tough loss. The team lost its edge. I have never witnessed such a lopsided loss. They were playing like rookies.


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