Halftime highlights

ravens vs. patriots

The Ravens are not playing well. The mistakes, the penalties. This is the worse they have played all year! Our offense line is not holding up. Brady must be stopped at all costs.

Both teams failed to convert on a 3rd and 5 in the 1st quarter.

A penalty called on Jimmy Smith. His second in this quarter. Pass interference. This placed the ball at the one yard line and New England wide receive Welker makes a touchdown.

7-0 New England

Flacco threw an interception that gave New England the ball at their 47 yard line.

Patriots Vereen made a short touchdown pass.

14-0 New England


Flacco fell and was sacked on 3rd down which forced another punt. He is wearing a brace for an injured MCL.

Patriots Gostkowskis made 45 yard field goal attempt.

17-0 New England

Upshaw and Smith sack Brady forcing a punt. Way to go guys!!

Yet another penalty by the Ravens. A total of 5 so far. The call was originally for defensive holding but was declined.

Flacco has been sacked a total of three times in the 3rd down.

Ladarius Webb recovered a fumble that was under review. It was overturned by the official.

Between the crappy way the Ravens are playing and all the penalties from this official, Flacco and his team need to start performing miracles.
There has not been two consecutive plays that were not flagged.

ravens patriots


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