Yeah! Another win!

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions
Another win for the Ravens, putting them that much closer to the play-offs! Justin Tucker kicked a total of six field goals, including a 61 yard field goal that helped the Ravens to win 18-16! This was the longest field goal in a dome.

“I definitely felt like I got a lot of leg into it, but it jumped up so high I thought I might have gotten under it,” said Tucker.


Now Baltimore is locked in the second wild-card spot in the AFC as the team is tied with Miami, but the Ravens hold the tiebreaker after beating the Dolphins in Week 5.

This team plays very well under pressure. The offense still needs a little work. All of our points were from their kicker, nonetheless, points were put up on the board and we won!! Yeah!!


So exciting!! I love watching the Ravens play. That team knows how to bring the pain!

The first turnover of the game was by Ravens defensive tackle DeAngelo Tyson at the 27 yard line. This put the ball in line for Justin Tucker and he completed a 49 yard field goal attempt.

12-7 – Ravens

Detroit Lions completed a 40 yard field goal attempt.

12-10 – Ravens


Hgata blocked a pass from quarterback Stanford.

DeAngelo Tyson made his second interception.

Justin Tucker made another field goal. This time, 53 yards!!

On a 2nd and 10, Flacco gets hit hard in the left knee by linebacker DeAndre Levy. Although, he was led off the field and had his knee wrapped, he never missed a play.

Harbaugh challenged a pass to Detroit Pettigrew and was declined. This caused the Ravens a loss of a time-out.

Dauria makes a touch down. Detroit attempts and fails at a two-point conversation. Megatron caught pass out-of-bounds. No good!!

15-16 Detroit

Justin Tucker kicked a 61 yard field goal.

Ravens had its 3rd interception by Elam. He was quoted as calling Detroit Lions Calvin (Megatron) Johnson an “old man.”

18-16 RAVENS


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