Halftime highlights

lions vs ravens


Detroit Lions got a touchdown by Reggie Bush.

0-7 Lions

Ravens linebacker Daryl Smith made the 1st sack of the game.

At 2nd and 11, Flacco threw a deep pass to Torrey Smith at 45 yard line.


Justin Tucker made a 29 yard field goal. This was his 28 straight field goal. Way to go Tucker!!!

3-7- Lions

Justin Tucker makes a 24 yard field goal. Wow!

6-7 – Lions

Justin Tucker makes a 32 yard field goal. Too easy!

9-7 – Ravens

The Ravens have been in the red zone twice but no touchdown. So far, Tucker is putting the only points on the board.

Wide receiver Calvin Johnson has not run for much yardage and has dropped his pass twice. So far, Megatron has not transformed.

Flacco was 12 for 20 for 135 yards.

Torrey Smith has 3 catches for 50 yards.

Jacoby Jones has 4 catches for 53 yards.

ravens tucker2



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