Can offense pull it off?

Ravens superbowl2

As the Ravens head into a three-game stretch against the Detroit Lions, New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals – all three have top 10 offenses in the NFL – they know that they will have to put up points to come away with victories. They can’t count on those explosive offenses that they can put down at the last-minute. They need consistent offensive plays – run and pass games to pull this off.

marlon brown

“The last handful of weeks, we’ve really been starting to break through and get to the point where we’re giving ourselves opportunities to put points on the board. That’s all that you can ask for is to get down into the zone where you’re giving yourself opportunities. As long as you give yourself a lot of opportunities, you’re going to put some points on the board,” says Flacco.


After watching the Vikings game, it looks like the old Ravens again. Tight end Dennis Pitta is back. He showed in his return against the Vikings that can he provide an immediate boost to the passing game, catching six passes for 48 yards and a touchdown. Wide receiver Jacoby Jones is full strength with his legendary kickoff return run for 77 yards for a touchdown. Rookie Marlon Brown has proven to be a diamond when he caught the 9 yard touchdown from Flacco. Torrey Smith has continued to blossom into a No. 1 target.

Torrey smith

With three games left in the regular season, Flacco has his full arsenal at his disposal and the Ravens are counting on the passing offense to put together a strong performance down the stretch.

The Ravens enter week 15 fresh off a close 29-26 win over the Vikings.

The Lions are coming off a loss versus the Eagles, 34-20.


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