Ravens won!!

ravens win3

This was a very exciting game. What a finish!! Both teams scored the most in the fourth quarter than in any other quarter. The Vikings and Ravens had touchdowns one right after the other!

Adrian Peterson left M&T Bank Stadium and was sent to an MRI facility for more tests on his injury.

The Vikings got a touchdown 25 seconds in the 4th quarter by Jerome Simpson. They tried for a two-point conversion but failed which made the score 12-7 Vikings.

Then with 2.05 minutes in the 4th quarter, Flacco throws a pass to Pitta in the end zone for the touchdown, which makes the score 12-13 Ravens. They scored on their two-point conversion with a pass to Torrey Smith. This widens the Ravens lead to 12-15.

Flacco in the snow

Vikings scored a touchdown with 1:34 minutes to play at 1st and 10 in the fourth quarter with Toby Garhart. Now the score is 19-15 Vikings, with the extra point.

With 1:27 seconds in the fourth, Ravens scored a touchdown with Jacoby Jones. He made his 4th career 79 yard kick off return. It is good that Mike Tomlin was not there LOL. No two-point conversion this time. The extra point makes the score is 19-22 Ravens.

Jacoby jones

The Vikings scored a 79 yard touchdown with rookie Darrell Patterson with 45 seconds remaining and that makes the score 26-22 Vikings.

With 8 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, Quarterback Joe Flacco hit rookie receiver Marlon Brown caught a pass in the end zone for a for a 9-yard touchdown! Mere seconds!

This victory that saves their season and keeps them in control of the sixth and final playoff spot.

Sam Koch

This was the most exciting game of the season. Both teams played like they were in the Superbowl. The Vikings played a lot better than their record shows. The Ravens had to put on their A-game to keep up.
Good game men! You made momma proud!!!



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