Halftime highlights

Ravens in the snow


The snow starting falling about 2 hours before kick-off time. Trucks have to come in and continue to clean field between plays.

Vikings had one turnover and interception. No points were scored for the Vikings.

Ravens had one turnover. Flacco ran 21 yards to 1st and goal. At 3rd and goal Dickson made a touchdown; his 1st career touchdown.

Flacco was sacked for his 40th time, which is a career high for him.

Sam Kock kicked the prettiest 69 yard punt you ever saw.



The temperature is about 30 degrees and still snowing heavy.

Adrian Peterson hurt on catch. Believed to be right foot. He was taken to the locker room and has X-rays.

Vikings make their 39 yard field goal kicked by Walsh.

Elvis Dumervill, who is the king of sacks is on the inactive list. Suggs haven’t made any sacks this game. As a matter of fact, he has made no sacks in 4 games.

SCORE 7-3 – Ravens



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