We won!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ravens vs. jets win

Yeah! The Ravens won an important game against the N.Y. Jets with a score of 19-3. Playing at Baltimore with 40mph winds and a wind chill of 22 degrees, the Ravens fought to get back in play-off contenders.

Jacoby Jones ran a 66 yard touchdown. This was his 2nd touchdown of the season. He also had an 20 yard punt return to the Jets 33 yard line which led to a field goal. Jones has run a total of 103 receiving yards.

Torry Smith made a 60 yard completion, which lead to a field goal.

Justin Tucker gets my MVP vote for this game. He kicked a total of 4 field goals in high winds. He has made a total of 22 consecutive fields goals this season.

ravens vs.jets3

ravens jets

Coach Harbaugh says at his news conference, “What can you say about defense? It was a dominate defensive performance.” He continues to say, “Our defense played really well. All three levels played exceptionally well.” When asked about Flacco, he says, “Joe was sharp. He made a lot of good throws in the wind, he was really sharp around the offense.”

The Jets offensive was terrible! They have the most turnovers in the NFL. Geno Smith had his 17th interception. The Jets had a total of only 73 yards in the 1st half of the game.


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