Former Raven now a Jet

Last Tuesday, the New York Jets signed nine-time pro bowl, former Raven safety Ed Reed last Thursday after he was cut from the Houston Texans. He was only 10 weeks into his $15 million year contract.

Ravens ed reed jets

Safety Ed Reed left the Ravens in the off-season and was picked up by the Houston Texans following hip surgery. Reed missed all of their preseason games, training camp and the 1st two games of the regular season, which by the way were the only two games that the Texans won. While with the Texans, Reed struggled to get healthy enough to play, didn’t play well once he recovered and was benched. The nail in the coffin was when Reed made a statement after the loss to the Arizona Cardinals that the team was “outplayed and out coached.” Head coach Gary Kubiak gave Ed Reed his walking papers on Tuesday. He walks away with a cool $5 million. Not bad for 10 weeks worth of work.

When Rex Ryan heard that Ed Reed was cut from the Texans, he immediately contacted the New York Jets’ general manager John Idzik to see if signing Reed was a possibility. Ryan believed Ed Reed could bring experience and leadership to the secondary that no one else has done.

Rex Ryan was a defensive coordinator in Baltimore for seven years and considers Reed “the best safety that’s ever played.” I agree with the man! Although Reed is 35 years old and has been dealing with some off season injuries, the Jets believe he can make a positive impact.

Ravens ed reed


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